A life-long passion

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I’ve always known that reading is one of my passions. Getting lost in a good book is just one of the best feelings ever, and I am constantly seeking out, well, a good book. I can enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, but of course it is easier to get lost in fiction.

I recently read a great narrative non-fiction book though, called In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin. Admittedly, I was a German major in college so clearly have a penchant for all things German (especially history!), but I think what made this book an instant favorite was the style in which it was written. Let’s fact it: non-fiction can be really difficult to read! In the Garden of Beasts was quite well-written, however. I think the only way to describe the style is narrative or in a storytelling fashion. I liked that I learned a lot about this time in Berlin, but could get lost in the story because of the way the book was written.

On the fiction front, I recently read Sarah’s Keywhich I read so quickly M didn’t even realize I had read it. Of course, I love historical fiction as it is, but I really think this book was great and I highly recommend it.

But.  Last night, I started a book loaned to me by M’s mom called Half Broke Horses, and I absolutely did not want to put it down. The writing is excellent – I really could picture life in that rural part of Texas so many years ago (Really? They lived in dugouts? I just can’t comprehend how they lived like that! Such an interesting part of American history.) And, as I think I’ve mentioned before, I am a sucker for kick-ass lady figures, and this one does not disappoint. At least so far, as technically I’m only about 100 pages into the book.

Reading Half Broke Horses made me realize how energizing reading a good book can be. I recently finished the newest biography of Queen Elizabeth, which I really enjoyed, but it was more standard non-fiction,which just doesn’t pull me in the way books like Half Broke Horses do. I am so excited to continue reading it tonight, and I may even sneak in a quick chapter before heading out to work since it’s a late morning start for me today.

Sometimes, you don’t have to look very far for your passions. They’ve been with you all along! That is how reading is for me. And though I enjoy discovering new passions (like cooking), I like the comfort of reading because it’s like an old friend.


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