A standing desk experiment.

August 16, 2012 at 1:31 pm Leave a comment

One of my passions is balanced, healthy living. It’s true. I am getting more into eating whole foods (I recently bought more bread from a real bakery!) and I also believe in regular movement (not necessarily exercise, although that is important, but also just moving as much as possible!).

I strive to implement accessible healthy living principles, because I think its important to lay out choices for a wide range of people. My best example is becoming a vegetarian. It might be a great, individual decision for one person, but I just don’t think a large swath of the American public is going to jump on board with it, no matter the health and/or environmental benefits – or to impact the horrible meat production techniques. My approach is to eat less meat, and to try to stick to lean, white meat as much as possible when I do eat it. I truly believe that more people could buy into the smaller, incremental approach than a wholesale elimination of meat from their diets. And, if a lot of people eat less meat, I think that has a greater positive  impact on all the reasons people become a vegetarian than a tiny number of people eating no meat would.


So I believe in balance, accessibly healthy living principles. Which is why I surprised myself by diving head first into the movement toward standing desks. It’s kind of crazy to just give up sitting. I had read about this idea awhile back and the seed was planted, but I had yet to make the jump. Then, yesterday, my local paper ran an article about it and I knew I had to try. I can’t find the exact article my paper re-printed, but here are a few other good ones written recently.

I made a makeshift standing desk, using a recently purchased bookshelf and a binder for a little extra height. Good thing I am short, because making a desk the right height for me was pretty easy. And I did pretty good yesterday. During work, I only sat for our daily staff meeting, lunchtime, and the last hour. I don’t know that I felt more energetic overall, but I did feel more consistently energized, if that makes sense. By the end of the day, my feet hurt a lot though (I was wearing flats, not heels).

But what about the whole balanced, accessible thing? I don’t think you’re going to get every office worker to stand all day, no matter the health benefits. But the idea behind standing desks is that sitting all day is really, really bad for us. So I think we need to encourage people to get up, move around as much as they can – and maybe have a standing desk option for an hour or two a day.

I don’t think I will stand all day, every day. For example, I ran 8 miles this morning, so I am little nervous my legs will be extra tired today. But it’s fine if I just sit less than before I had the option to stand. The truth is I liked standing while working, that is until my feet became overwhelmingly uncomfortable by 6 pm.

Oh, and for full disclosure, I sat while I wrote this. 🙂


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