Full summer days

June 25, 2012 at 11:17 am Leave a comment

Sometimes, leisure in the summer means packing in as much as you can to one day. That’s certainly what our Saturday was like for us. But even though it was a full day, each activity seemed, on its own, to last forever.

We both woke up at 6 – Mike to take his bike out for its first spin of the year (he was waiting on a bike rack) and me to work on those homemade cinnamon rolls I mentioned. After both adventures were completed and we cleaned up, we were out of the house by 9:15 to meet with our third option for a wedding photographer. The meeting was fruitful, and we’re very close to making a decision.

After the meeting, I headed downtown to work the Pride Parade with some of my volunteers. It was very successful for my work project, and we stayed about two hours.

After lunch at home, I cleaned the entire house. Sometimes cleaning can be really satisfying. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Once I finished, we managed some downtime on the couch before my parents arrived to help us with our back garden. My mom and I worked on the front flower beds a few weeks ago, but that was nothing compared to the state of our garden in the backyard. It was a mess. I mean the beds line the entire back fence – there is just so much of it, and we hadn’t done anything to it since we moved in last November. Well, with four people it went pretty quick, and although the beds aren’t in perfect shape, we made a big dent in the amount of work to do. Gardening is also very satisfying work, by the way.

Then we were all utterly exhausted and hungry, so the four of us went out to a nice dinner at Champps. I got a wrap with turkey and avocado with a side of pasta salad (the dish comes with bacon but I opted out of that). It was quite good and refreshing. Then we all got one of their mini desserts – and I have to say it wasn’t small like a shooter dessert or what you might think of as a “mini” dessert. It was actually the perfect size, and I couldn’t help wondering how large the regular size must be? Anyway, it was a delicious meal and a great way to wind down a jam-packed day.

I love summer – and it was nice to wake up so early on a Saturday!



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