Libraries are just about the best thing ever.

June 22, 2012 at 11:15 pm Leave a comment

I had this realization yesterday morning when I stopped in the library to pick up a couple books I requested: libraries are really awesome, possibly one of the best things ever.


I have always felt a small thrill just walking into a library. Who knows what I will find? There are endless possibilities for books to read, characters to meet, topics to discover, etc. Libraries just give me such a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Library systems are neat, too. If the specific library you live closest to doesn’t have the exact book you want, they are connected to countless libraries that probably do. And you can order the book and it will be delivered to your “home” library. That is legitimately awesome.

All of that information, knowledge, joy at our fingertips. For free. I mean sure you or your family pays taxes for it, but all those books (not to  mention magazines, CDs, books on tape, movies) are more than worth it.

Speaking of taxes, I started to wonder how many books I would need to check out and read a year to make up for the amount we pay in taxes that go specifically to our local public library.  In my village – Brooklyn Heights, OH – the amount we pay in taxes for the Cuyahoga County Public Library system is $76.56 per $100,000 of home value.

$76.56!* That’s like 4 or 5 books. Maybe 6, depending on what you’re reading. I have three out right now, and I just took two back. That’s five books I’ve taken out just in the last month!

Libraries are worth investing in! People of all ages benefit from an open and stocked library – and library system. Any library I walk into feels like home, whether it’s one I’ve been to a million times or just one time. I can always find something new and interesting read, and they will deliver a book if my home library doesn’t have it.

Which brings me back to my main point: libraries are just about the best thing ever.

*Since I don’t want to disclose the actual value of my home, we’re going to assume it’s $100,000 as that’s the base the property tax calculator linked to above uses. 


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