Meeting with the priest

June 21, 2012 at 11:14 am Leave a comment

Yesterday, M and I had our second meeting with the priest who will be marrying us. The first one was just an introductory session, so this one was the first official one I suppose. I was quite nervous about it, I guess just because I don’t want him to decide we can’t be married in the Catholic Church after all.

The meeting, of course, ended up going fine. The priest is a nice, funny older man who seems to be very welcoming and open. We did have to take the FOCUS, which is an 156 question “test” about our compatibility. We had to Agree, Disagree, or be Uncertain about each question. I’m probably not supposed to “leak” the questions, but there were some surprising (in a good way) ones about financial decisions and career decisions. There were also the predictable ones about religious/spiritual values and family planning. All very general and broad though, which was sometimes nice, but also sometimes confusing.

We go back for three additional meetings with the priest at which we will go over different sections of the test. I think it’s mostly discussing the areas we answered differently, as opposed to lecturing us about how the Church wants us to live. We’ll see.

Anyway, as apprehensive as I was about the meeting (and the first meeting), we found a priest who seems open and accepting. He’s also funny and doesn’t take himself Super Seriously, which I like as well. And, I guess, the FOCUS wasn’t as terrible as my nerves suggested it would be, and there are some things in there I think we will really benefit from discussing – like parenting and parental responsibilities.

What I like, too, about meeting with the priest is that it puts the focus back on the marriage instead of the wedding. Obviously the former is more important, but it gets lost in concerns about the DJ and booking a photographer and colorful shoes. So it was nice, albeit it nerve-wracking, to take an evening to think about the marriage and what that all means. Even nicer because we have a great priest leading us through this journey.


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