Parade the Circle

June 12, 2012 at 11:11 am Leave a comment

On Saturday, I did a different sort of volunteering for The Children’s Museum: working their booth at 2012 Parade the Circle. I had never been to this event before, but heard and read great things about it. I was certainly not disappointed.

It was entirely family and kid-oriented, which was fantastic. First, it rain from 11am-4pm, clearly indicating it’s target demographic in my view. There was of course the parade around the circle, which started at 1 pm, and is very artsy. And there is plenty of food options that would please any kid or adult. But also I would say almost all the booths were dedicated to some kind of children’s activity – a craft, a picture with Dr. Seuss, etc. The Children’s Museum booth (the best in my unbiased opinion) had a variety of musical instruments for kids to play and we had a CD player rocking out with kids’ songs to offer an opportunity for dancing.

The biggest hit, musical instrument-wise, was actually the set of pots and pans we put out a couple hours into the event. Yes, we had the kids banging and clanging wildly on pots and pans. Many of them loved it. Some of the kids were more hesitant (“can I hit that with this?” Yes, yes you can), but once they got into it there was no going back. The parents loved the pots and pans – and the other instruments, too – and got a kick out of watching their kids play with them to make music.

The organized dancing was less effective, but it was a million degrees and the instruments held their attention, so it worked out fine. We did some impromptu dancing around to the music the kids were making, and they seemed amused by that. Especially if they had an instrument that made noise by shaking it (maraca, tambourine, bells), I encouraged them to shake themselves wildly to make their instrument make noise.

I admit, late in the day, the clanging on the pots and pans started to make my head want to explode. I’m sure you can imagine how it got old after awhile. But the excitement of a new group of kids when they saw the instruments and opportunities to make music? Definitely worth it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention we also had hula hoops and jump rope at our booth. The jump rope didn’t work super well, because the one we had was so long. But the kids loved the hula hoops. I found that fascinating. And some of them were awesome with those things. A couple girls used 4 or 5 at once. I was, for one, pretty impressed.

Anyway, the entire overall event was great. I definitely recommend checking out Parade the Circle in future years! And, of course, stop by The Children’s Museum booth.

Did you guys check out any local festivals over the weekend – new to you or ones you had been to before? 


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