Allergic Reaction

May 22, 2012 at 6:40 am 1 comment

My face looks really alarming. In fact, so do my arms and chest.


Apparently (hopefully) I’m allergic to Claritin. I say hopefully because I want to be 100% certain about the cause of this horrible skin irritation I’m dealing with so I know what not to consume ever again.

I took Claritin for the first time early last week because, well, I was dealing with horrible allergies. I mean horrible. I had gotten allergies the past couple years, but it was relatively minor. This year was really bad, so I caved to my mom’s insistence I take some medication for it. Having never taken allergy meds before, how could we know I was allergic?

I started to break out Saturday – really my face and arms exploded with red bumps. I thought it was eczema because I battled it occasionally as a child. It was largely uncomfortable and itchy, although not, per say painful. But by last night, the itching was out of control – made worse, actually, by the Cortisone I put on it. It became the kind of itch that burns. Not even a cold compress really helped. So, I took another Claritin before bed last night.

Kiiiiiind of funny when you think about it, but only because, again, I’ve not taken one every day or something crazy.

Well, I woke up this morning hoping it would be better, but realizing it was much worse. I even skipped my workout and had to ask to work from home. In addition, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment.

As a quick, but related, aside, I think it’s awful that some doctors’ offices don’t accept new patients? I mean I just moved to this area, so what am I supposed to do? Well, luckily I found a doctor – a good one, turns out – who could take me, and that morning no less.

So yeah, the best the doctor could figure was that it’s the Claritin I’m reacting to, since he said my rash thing looks like a classic allergic reaction to medicine, I don’t have any symptoms suggesting anything else, and this was the first time in my life I’ve taken Claritin.

Sigh. I got a prescription to help curb the reaction, but since it’s only the first day, I can’t be too surprised it hasn’t really kicked in yet. I just have to be patient, and try not to stress nor to scratch. Both are equally as difficult since I have a work meeting tomorrow and my friend’s wedding this weekend – and the itching is sometimes just. too. much.

I’m relieved to have a very probable answer to what is going on with my skin, and that I was able to get into the doctor today before I had the chance to take another Claritin. Yikes. There’s no question, too, I’m happy to have good insurance so I can go to the doctor without worry.

Now, I just have to wait it out.


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