My Vision

April 11, 2012 at 11:07 am 1 comment

Look, I have a vision for the world. Getting there will be messy. But I won’t apologize for that, because I fully believe in this vision.

What is this vision?

It’s that we –

Better stop here. The joy and frustration that is Women’s Studies taught me better than throwing out an undefined “we.” When I say we I mean everyone – white or black, or American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American, Middle Eastern, Arabic, Iranian, Russian, Jewish; American citizen or undocumented immigrant, or citizen of another country, or recent immigrant, or legal permanent resident; male or female, or male-identified, female-identified, trans, gender queer; gay or straight, or bisexual, queer, asexual, monogamous or not; rich or poor, or middle class, working class, working poor, so poor you don’t even think about this stuff; anything else? If you’re thinking, hey this particular way I identify is not on the list? Well guess what, I mean you too, it’s just that it’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet today. So, sorry.

So my vision is that the WE of this great world has access to their basic needs and can earn decent pay and have good benefits and send their kids to good schools. Simple right?

Instead, our schools in this country are broke and we’ve got people trying to gut them even more. The Affordable Care Act can’t even get to its implementation phase without threats of repeal and lawsuit, on top of “policy” suggestions to make Medicare a voucher program. Privatizing Social Security is still tossed around. And people are still unemployed, and many others are working low-wage jobs with shitty benefits – or none at all.

Are you kidding me?

I fully believe this is not the America that was intended. We are supposed to take care of each other and lift everyone – and the country – up. And yet here we are. Corporations are apparently people, but we aren’t investing in the education of our youngest actual humans. A young black man can be shot for no reason in 2012 and some people get mad when others bring up race. The number of long-term unemployed people is staggering, and the only jobs available are minimum wage jobs with no benefits – certainly not an option for a father of four.

I keep saying that we’ve got a lot of work to do. And the process of getting from there to here will be messy, as I said. But guess what? I think we may only be able to go up from here.


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