April 2 – What to write about & Weekend Recap

April 2, 2012 at 11:16 am Leave a comment

I am SO SO glad it’s finally April!!! First, it’s my birthday month! An added bonus is will now also mean my wedding and then marriage anniversary. But, I think, most of all is that it signals that we’ve turned the corner into warmer weather! The last point feels a little artificial this year, since we had the warmest winter ever. But still, it signals a shift in mindset from the usually colder winter months, and that is enough to make me excited about kicking off this new month!

I have to be honest and say I’m not sure about how blogging about work is going to – well work. I might blog about myself and my work strategies – working smart, enjoying the process, the transitions from college/grad school to work, and be very unspecific. I want to be careful here.

No, I don’t think I can blog about this at all. It would make me sick with worry.

I’ll come back to this topic I guess after doing some more thinking.

I did have a great weekend to close out March and bring in April. I’m training for a 10 mile race on April 28, so I accomplished another long run – 7.5 miles this weekend. I did 10 last weekend, and am staring down another weekend involving another 10. We had Sleepover Part 2 with my niece to follow up on our Princess Party and had a blast. I took her to lunch and to paint pottery with my friend and her nephew, and then we went home to see Uncle M and play all night long!! I think M and I enjoy these sleepover/playdates even more than Mar, which is saying a lot! We had some trouble getting her to bed this time, but once she stopped crying she was out. I think she was just tired. On Sunday, I played with Mar for a little bit and had breakfast with her, and then I left to volunteer at The Children’s Museum of Cleveland. It was a lot of fun, but I’m not used to that type of work and I was exhausted. By the time I got home and did everything necessary to get ready for the week – bake my homemade granola bars, wash our sheets, prep lunch and breakfast for today – I was exhausted. I went to bed pretty early and feel refreshed.

I promise to think about my blogging strategy this month, and will leave you with a few pictures from Sleepover Part 2.

Amy and her nephew Byron

Getting ready to paint

I'm trying to go with the creative expression-flow

Playing blocks with Uncle M

Eating Peanut Butter from a spoon together - One of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!


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