March Wrap Up

March 30, 2012 at 11:02 am Leave a comment

I know, I know – there is technically one more day in the month of March, but as usual (lately, anyway), I seem to have a lot going on this weekend (long run, lunch and pottery, sleepover with M’s niece, volunteering), and I don’t honestly anticipate sitting down to write.

So I’ll take today to wrap up March and relationships, and hit you back on Monday – with a plan, hopefully, for what to write about.

How’d it go?

I felt myself easing up on M a lot when I wanted to snap or dump my problems on him or get him to praise something I did. I’m not saying I let up every single time, but I did try. And even though it’s really hard – and painful – to self-analyze when you’e mad at someone, I reflected afterward what happened, how I acted etc. Finally, all of this, in some way, was about showing love, and I tried to show it in other ways as well, which is just plain fun anyway.

Relationships are not perfect. Nobody can say that their relationship is because it’s a deal that involve two humans. There are always ways you can make it better.  The question is whether your relationship is the priority, or whether it gets lost in the day-to-day chaos. The scary thing is that it’s easy for them to get lost. It happens when you don’t even realize it. It takes active work  to keep that relationship front and center – and flourishing.

Well, bring it on. The resolutions from this month have helped give me a language to reflect on how I’m behaving in my half of the partnership we have, and in that sense are invaluable. I plan to keep them in my back pocket as a tool for maintaining a strong relationship.

With that, I leave you with one of my favorite love songs!




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