Thoughts on wedding receptions

March 29, 2012 at 11:00 am Leave a comment

We spent most of the week weighing our venue options, trying to decide between two great options. And I kind of stressed about it way more than I should have. I mean really. It’s a venue. Who even cares?!?!

Well, certainly not me, that’s for sure. I mean I care , but I don’t think the place we have our reception will determine how successful or unsuccessful our marriage is. And it’s frustrating to feel like other people do believe that.

Actually, I think I just discovered my personal barometer for whether or not to stress out about something: I will ask myself if this decision – if having off-white lines vs. white lines for example – will determine how successful or unsuccessful our marriage is. (The answer to the linen question is no.) Hopefully that will help me just make a decision and move on!

Because here is the thing: planning a wedding involves a series of small decisions which I can choose to stress out about or just deal with and move on. It’s like planning any other party! Imagine that! I tend to be really bad at decisions when I feel like other people will seriously be judging the decision I make, and with weddings there are A LOT of people with A LOT of opinions, and even though in my heart I know the wedding reception doesn’t matter, not really, I still feel like I have to live up their expectations.

I want this reception to be a kickoff celebration involving lots of dancing to my marriage with M. The dancing and the marriage are really all I care about. Boom. There it is.

I feel a sense of relief now that we’ve pretty much made our decision as to where to have the reception, and it’s the one I had in my gut all week, I just couldn’t get past the voices of other people in my head telling me it wasn’t good enough (these voices did NOT come from M or our families, they are faceless voices). These voices are both suggesting I spend a lot on this day to have it at the best possible place, and that I DIY a lot of things. No I don’t want to spend the money, and no I’m not really crafty – I wish I was, but I’m not and it causes me far more stress than just buying it.

I just hope to hang onto my conviction that the party does not a marriage make. I want the reception to reflect us a little bit, but like I said I’m not super crafty so I’m not going overboard here. Simple, elegant, and fun is the look and feel I am going for, and there had better be lots of dancing.


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