Little Moments

March 27, 2012 at 10:59 am Leave a comment

The little moments are the best part of being in a strong, loving relationship. I don’t want to go all cheesy here, but since I am writing about relationships this month, I wanted to reflect on how M and I act in those little moments.

My favorite little moments happen in the morning I think. It started when we were still long distance and M would text me every day when he got to work. It was small but really helped us feel connected despite being so far apart.  He still does this, and it still makes me smile.  But now we also have moments together before he goes to work, too. I actually don’t want to describe them all here, but there is something about being not fully awake and the way we interact.

In my view, these little moments are far more important than big displays of affection, although we do like to go on a dinner date and get each other small presents, etc. And now that I’m thinking about it, the way M proposed to be was kind of a little moment, too. That’s really how we are.

Relationships could be made or broken, too, in those little moments. I suppose it is easy for one half of a couple to rush out the door in the morning without saying good bye to the other, and maybe it’s fine for one day, but over time it sets the tone for their relationship. Or maybe not, but for my relationship, those little moments really are key.

I’m just suggesting that taking the time for small moments is important in everything you do, but also important with your partner. Our small moments give me a lot of happiness, and I even reflect on them in moments when I’m not in such a great mood. Little moments, especially in the morning, are definitely times I savor.


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