Wedding Kickoff

March 20, 2012 at 11:04 am 2 comments

On Saturday, we kicked off our wedding planning by visiting three great venues. It was fun, exciting, and yeah a little bit overwhelming and stressful. We eliminated one place right away, because it’s just too small. My mom and M’s mom both have large extended families and we already decided we would include everyone on the guest list. This means we also have to be very careful about the price per plate!

Venue shopping got me really excited for the entire wedding planning process, but also really glad we are looking for a date over a year away. I do not want to be stressed out about this experience. It is an important day in the sense that it will launch my marriage with M and it will be fun to bring all our family and friends together. It is not, however, the Most Important Day of My Life. And I resent that assumption. I also get frustrated by it because I have a hard time sorting out in my head what I really want to do vs. what I think other people want me to do. For example, chair covers. I spent some time thinking about it, and it turns out that as long as the chair looks fine, I actually really don’t care. One place we looked at wouldn’t need them, but another place would (although the latter is also the least expensive, even with the covers). And it seems like a small detail, but they’re a $900 expense, given how many chairs we will have!

I think it’s most important to focus on getting married. That’s what we’re doing. Luckily, M already has that perspective, and is good about reminding me. (Good thing he’s so easy-going; I need that to balance out my tendency to be high-strung…).

For the actual day of the wedding, there are a few things I care a lot about: mainly that everyone has a great time! This requires, in my opinion, good food and good music. Period. I also would like a convenient location, in the sense that there is affordable lodging nearby for our out-of-town guests. Other than that? Everything should be simple, fresh, and elegant. This includes our clothing, invitations, flowers, centerpieces, and favors. And then I just want the pictures to come out good.

I hope I can maintain this sense of focus throughout all the planning, and check things off my list without stressing out. I know it will be difficult with all the pressures that come along with having a wedding and lots of people trying to make lots of money by selling me things for my wedding. But in the end, I don’t care a lot about anything, as long as I’m marrying M and people dance.

Maybe I’m naive, but I think we’ll be able to pull off a great wedding while maintaining all of our – but especially my – sanity.


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