Love in a cold, dark world

March 15, 2012 at 11:14 am Leave a comment

I’m trying to think broadly about the ways we show love to their sweetie – or I mean, this could apply to friends, family, other important people in your life. What are the things we do every day to make our love present? I think we all know saying “I Love You” just doesn’t cut it. (Well, maybe we all don’t know that).

Showing acts of love daily can be powerful, especially in  a world where isolation and a general lack of concern for strangers seems to be the norm. It’s also important to demonstrate real love and set a high bar, so that we can combat the fake expressions of love – things like domestic/intimate partner violence, street harassment (no, you commenting on my dress/body/anything else, does not make me feel special. You’re a creep. Stop.), and, I would say, even that lack of concern for strangers.

I saw this article yesterday in our local paper (and I can’t find it. UGH. I will update when/if I do), about how certain technologies at the grocery store just aren’t catching on. The article talked mostly about handheld scanners that you carry around with you at the store, and then upload at the checkout to be charged automatically to your credit card. You bag your selections as you go, too. (I saw these at one of the grocery stores near my apartment in Falls Church, VA – and the stand of the scanners was always full! Hardly anyone used them.) Anyway, the article also talked about self checkouts and how they are popular but only for limited functions – it turns out people like customer service and, probably, interacting with people.

Crazy! I know!

I am fascinated by the article, possibly because I am A. an overthinker and/or B. someone who avoids using self-checkout as much as possible.

Maybe there is something deep down inside of us as humans that prefers interacting with each other over more and more and more technology. Something to think about.

Back to the love thing, if we are so adamant about that human interaction at the grocery store, it – to me – highlights that we need for more warmness, more human love in our daily lives.

I think love is infectious. Or, I hope it is. By living out our love for our sweeties, family, friends, etc., we can spread that love to strangers. See, I also fully believe we can chance the world by being nicer to each other, which starts from a place of love. So I am trying to be more conscious of showing all of my love all the time. And, it starts with a smile!



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