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March 13, 2012 at 11:00 am Leave a comment

Driving home from work last night after 8 pm, I knew I’d only have a couple hours at home with M before we would turn in for the night, and I vowed to make the most of them. I should do this every day, because it was glorious.

I shared a little bit about my day, but held back from the uber complaining I really wanted to do. It was actually liberating in some ways – especially because I actually had an overall good day and was able to keep that centered in my mind. There was no negativity in the air or awkward dance about how M should respond.

Although I worked a bit more and M was watching soccer, we bantered back and forth so that we were actually together. You know how you can sometimes feel really far away from a person while sitting in the same room? I hate that. Hate is a strong word, but it’s applicable here. So it’s really important to me to not do this, especially with M.

There was no arguments, so fighting right didn’t apply. However, I did not get defensive when M asked me to make sure I wipe the crumbs from the table (UGH I hate doing that but whatever, fine. I guess I hate bugs more).

Sounds cheesy, and trust me, all our nights are not like this. But when they are, it’s worth reflecting on and being grateful. It could help when I’m feeling cranky so that I can come back to this happy place in my head and stop myself before blowing up over, well, crumbs on the table, I guess.



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