February Wrap Up

February 29, 2012 at 12:08 pm Leave a comment

It’s the last day of February – hard to believe!

So do I feel more energetic? And do I feel happier?

I don’t think these questions can be answered, if I am being honest.

About the energy: Yes, I’ve been applying the one-minute rule left and right and I de-cluttered my car finally. I have also been focusing more on strength training – and enjoying it, and I’ve worked hard to shut off negative thoughts while at the gym. I’ve also tried to reduce my Internet-browsing time to better focus my energy on what I actually need to be doing (but I will admit, this habit still needs constant attention). And, I think most successfully, I’ve nipped lollygagging mostly in the bud and regularly repeat a mantra of “Act more energetic” to myself.

But at the same time, we’ve had a busy busy month. And there is no end in sight! Which, I like because it’s making these cold months seem more bearable. However, it really is putting my energy strategies to the fullest possible test. I think I am getting better about coping with a lack of energy – trying to push through and at least acting more energetic. So it’s a yes and no thing here.

But I am definitely pleased with the resolutions I chose to focus on and how they’ve changed – or re-framed – energy.

I’ve learned some things along the way, too.

Looking back, it’s been quite a month. That, in itself, is energizing!

I will carry these resolutions as I go forward into March to focus on my relationship with my fiancee.


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