A Princess Party Sleepover

February 27, 2012 at 11:49 am 2 comments

All of a sudden, there are three days left in the month. And although I have yet to clean out my car and closet (it is officially on my to do list though!), I did have an energizing weekend. It did include a date on Friday w M to a local Mexican restaurant, and then knocking out our grocery shopping. But that’s not really what I am writing about.

For Christmas, instead of buying M’s nieces more stuff, I made the older one, who is 3, an invitation to sleepover at our house! The invitation was fun to make, and she paid it about as much attention on Christmas morning as she did all her other toys, which is not much. We were finally able to schedule the sleepover, and it was definitely worth the wait!

We started by visiting the Greater Cleveland Aquarium with M’s brother and mom – and the girls of course. We started slowly with the 3 year old by putting her car seat in M’s car for the trip to the aquarium.  It worked, because she was super excited to drive with us. And I will say, although pricey, the aquarium was a cool experience. They did a great job of maintaining the architectural features of the Powerhouse, the building the aquarium is now in, and of course there was a variety of different fish, as well as sharks and alligators, and some interactive features for the children.

Then we all went to lunch at Zoup!, a soup place. It was the first time I had been there, and I’d definitely go back. I think everyone agreed. I got the Veggie-terranean wrap, which was fresh and delicious, although a bit small since it was almost 3 pm by the time we got there and I was famished!

After everyone finished eating, it was the moment of truth: would the 3 year old come with us? or would she throw a fit?

Turns out, I asked if she wanted to come bake cookies at our house, and she got really excited, said bye to her dad, announced to the entire restaurant that she was going to bake cookies, took my hand, and marched out the door. No fit anywhere to be seen.

When we got to our house, we ran around a bit, and then did bake the cookies. She was so excited to help and kept saying “these are gonna be good!” While the dough was chilling, I painted her nails red. Admittedly, at first I tried yellow, but she did not like it at all, and made me take it off in favor of red. 🙂 There was plenty of running around with M, playing pretend horsey, and even kicking around a soccer ball in our huge basement, among other fun activities. And then, of course, enjoying our delicious cookies and some leftover quesadilla for dinner.

The second moment of truth was bedtime. We put on a movie, as is custom in her house for her bedtime – we went with Gnomeo and Juliet. About 10 minutes of so into the movie, M suggested changing into pajamas and going potty one more time. She mildly protested but we started moving so fast, we didn’t really give her a chance. She was a little hyper during the movie, and we made it all the way to the end without her being ready to be put to bed. It was only 8:30 though, so we agreed to start if over again if she drank her milk. And it worked. 15 minutes later, M announced it was time for bed, and again there was a mild – really half-hearted protest – and off to bed she went.

The hard part was that I had to lie down with her, and sleep next to her. I waited until she fell asleep, then sneaked out to get ready and sit with M for a bit. But I was in bed before 10. Plus, she crowded me on one side of the bed, and when she woke up once because her hand was asleep, I couldn’t fall back to sleep for what felt like hours. But I did, somehow, feel rested enough when she woke up around 7.

We had breakfast and watched some cartoons, did lots of coloring, some running around and building with blocks, and had blueberries. Then we walked to visit M’s uncle, who lives around the corner. She enjoyed petting his dog. Then we drove to my aunt’s to pick up something for my mom, and it was cute to watch the 3 year old be shy. Then we went to M’s grandmas with the rest of his family.

So it was tiring keeping up with a 3 year old, but also really fun and energizing. My challenge is being flexible and frankly unselfish. I am a very routine-oriented person, and I like things my way. Like I didn’t get to read the paper or go to the gym yesterday morning. But it really was worth it, because M and I had fun, and so did the 3 year old. And it’s hard to keep up my energy – or act more energetic, if you will – the 20th or so time she wants me to turn and look at her in the car seat so she can make a face. But I tried really hard to do it, and it made her laugh, which made me happy. And then she fell asleep anyway 🙂

The great thing, too, was not having time to check in online or anything. It feels so good – and energizing – to be totally unplugged during weekends like this. Even though it’s only two days, and they do in one sense go by fast, they are refreshing and feel like a good time away from the rush of work.

It was such a great weekend, and definitely how I envisioned the sleepover when I first made the invitation. We can’t wait to do it again!


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