Checking In: 7 days to go in February

February 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm Leave a comment

First of all, I guess it was bound to happen that the day after writing a post about waking up early, I did not wake up early. I still made it up in time to get in an hour run before work, just not in time to write. But this does underscore one of my points that getting up early requires getting to bed at a decent time – otherwise, you’re not doing anyone any good. I worked until 10 on Tuesday night, and it was late by the time I wound down. So I decided to allow myself to sleep in a little. It was great, but I am glad to be back at writing today!

Now to the crux of this post – what’s left to work on in the remaining 7 days (counting today) of February, the sustainable energy month.  One major thing: organize. I’ve done a good job of keeping up the one-minute rule, don’t get me wrong. Our dining room table and office desk is looking much better, as is my office desk at work. As for keys and bags, I started just putting my keys in the bag I am using the next day, and we’ve been able to kind of hide our bags even while they’re out in the open. So I find the one-minute rule to be very useful. I have not, however, taken steps to de-clutter some areas that are in need of more attention than the one-minute rule can provide. Specifically, my car and my closet/dresser. UGH. My car has so much clutter, that’s not even clutter: it’s just trash. No food or anything, just papers, papers, papers. And there is always something in my closet/dresser that can be donated to free up space.

I also need to further reduce some of my Facebook/Internet time. Let’s review my four strategies:

  1. Keep logged out of it. My thinking is that it’s not easy to check it multiple times a day if I have to log in to do it. And if I start logging in, maybe my brain will remind me not to do it before I do it. You know?
  2. Keep my phone in my bag or somewhere else not near me. Facebook on my smart phone still counts!
  3. Keep positive words of encouragement around me . These words, such as like focus, calm, energy, will serve as reminders. And since I just found a bunch of brightly colored post it notes, they will also brighten up my space.
  4. Push through writer’s block. Be vigilant about staying focused, even when I’m stuck. I often find writing things out by hand helps me with this, because it takes me longer and slows me down – in a good way.

OK, I’ve done a great job with number 1. So that makes me feel better. For number four, several times I have forced myself to not look at something just because of writer’s block, but that is a hard battle to win over and over. I must keep trying and be vigilant about it for the next 7 days. Numbers two and three kind of fell by the wayside, but I will kick those into high gear to help me with the other two.

In terms of my other resolutions for this month, I’ve really been catching myself comparing myself to other women at the gym and working hard to redirect my thoughts. I’ve also been doing the strength training machines regularly. I am most proud that I seem to have stopped lollygagging as much! Incidentally, I have also consciously thought about acting more energetic than I feel at times to boost my actually energy. This last one doesn’t always happen, but I am certainly on the right track.

So the next 7 days will be a week of really focusing on that nasty energy drain called the Internet (more specifically, Facebook), and de-cluttering my car and my closet/dresser. Luckily I get an extra day since it’s leap year!


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