Speaking of Busier but Happier…

February 13, 2012 at 12:04 pm Leave a comment

I wanted to write a quick post this morning to make sure I stay in the swing of things. I was hoping to maintain a consistent 6 day/week post, but was pretty busy Saturday and Sunday this weekend. And sometimes, my energy strategy is that if I can’t fit it all in, something has to give. And the less I stress about that, the more energy I have for everything else. I do love writing in this blog though, so I definitely did not want to go three days in a row without posting.

Especially because these next couple of weeks are really going to challenge my energy. As I said, I was busy this weekend. Saturday was an all day training, that was fun and informative, but still lasted all day – and started bright and early. Although on Sundays we visit M’s grandma, and it can be very relaxing, fitting everything I need to do in around that means I am busy. Not that I am complaining – I love spending time with is family, and we always stop in to see my parents, too. This week at work promises to be very busy, followed by a weekend that will be extra special, but jam-packed. Then, another busy week at work and we hope to have M’s niece over for her Christmas-present sleepover. This will be followed, incidentally, by two more weekends already filled.

I am trying to keep two things in mind with all this stuff going on: 1. I know there will be plenty of relax-time built in, and it’s up to me to enjoy it when it happens; 2. by the time this busy weekend is over, it will be mid March and therefore even closer to warming up. This last point makes me a very happy girl.

So yeah, I am going to be busy, which is not a bad thing. I am excited for everything going on. The challenge is to keep my energy up so I can enjoy everything as much as possible. That’s really the point of the happiness project anyway – I want to enjoy everything more. So I will be kicking my energy strategies into high gear so I can make sure I am fully ready for these next few weeks. Because now, we also have a wedding to plan! 🙂


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