Tapping into my energy

February 4, 2012 at 2:02 pm 1 comment

The final energy theme for this month is to figure out how to better tap into my available energy. Under this theme fall the three remaining resolutions for this month, which are strength training, no more lollygagging, and act more energetic. These are all great ways dig deeper to build up my energy level and then expend that energy more wisely.

To start, focusing more on strength training at the gym is something I need to do overall, not just for energy. Give me the treadmill any day, but what? you want me to lift something? I have no upper body strength right now, and I know that as women get older, muscles become even  more important. Fine fine fine. And I know I will feel better and happier if I can left heavier things and feel stronger every day. I also think as much as exercise in an energy boost itself, trying new things and having a well-rounded exercise program are important for energy – and happiness, too. So this will tackle both of those: these strength machines are new to me, and as scared as I am to put myself out there and figure out how these things work, I will benefit from an energy and happiness boost by learning this new things and actually doing it. And yeah injecting this into my exercise plan and shaking things up a bit will also help with those. So fine. No, I am actually really excited to do this!

The next thing to address a serious problem I have, which is lollygagging at bad times, like in the mornings before work. I tend to daydream and get distracted. It doesn’t help that one of my most favorite activities in reading the paper while eating my breakfast and drinking coffee. It’s glorious. Unfortunately, it does not work out so well when I try to squeeze writing, working out, and reading the paper in all before work. Granted I start work at 10 most days, but still. I need to get moving! So I have to really focus on this to keep my lollygagging in check because I always end up stressed – and therefore expending a lot of unnecessary energy – when I realize I am running late and then I have to hurry out the door. This is simply a matter of using my energy wisely.

Finally, acting more energetic is a great way to feel like I have more energy. I notice this especially when I’m falling asleep (or have been sleeping…) on the couch, but I don’t yet want to go to bed. If I can get myself up to do something, like clearing clutter or doing the dishes, even when I think I am so exhausted I have no energy, I start to feel more energetic. It’s a simple, but important tool for tapping into the hidden energy within me.

I feel up to anything now! Even tackling the tower, which I am off to do 🙂


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