Other Energy Drains

February 3, 2012 at 11:52 am Leave a comment

It’s true that clutter is a drain on my energy, but it is a different sort than the other two ways I haphazardly give up some of the energy I worked so hard to gain. I guess if I think about it, they both have to do with focusing my energy in a productive and positive manner.

The first is Facebook, I am ashamed to admit. It’s often my crutch when I am having trouble focusing already on a task at hand. The catch is that it actually sucks up more of my focus and distracts me even further. It’s terrible really. Yet even though I’d like to kick this habit, I’m unsure of strategies how to do it. I have a few thoughts:

  1. Keep logged out of it. My thinking is that it’s not easy to check it multiple times a day if I have to log in to do it. And if I start logging in, maybe my brain will remind me not to do it before I do it. You know?
  2. Keep my phone in my bag or somewhere else not near me. Facebook on my smart phone still counts!
  3. Keep positive words of encouragement around me . These words, such as like focus, calm, energy, will serve as reminders. And since I just found a bunch of brightly colored post it notes, they will also brighten up my space.
  4. Push through writer’s block. Be vigilant about staying focused, even when I’m stuck. I often find writing things out by hand helps me with this, because it takes me longer and slows me down – in a good way.

That’s all I’ve thought up so far for this one, but I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.

The other major drain on my energy is still self-consciousness. It sucks. I’ve come a long way in terms of beating the self-defeating critical thoughts of myself that come when comparing myself to other people. But there are certain times it rears it’s ugly head, and the most common place for that right now is when I’m at the gym and other women, I feel, are working out harder than me. It’s especially a problem if they are skinnier/more toned than me. I won’t lie, it’s awful. And unwarranted, since I push myself in my own away at the gym. So to get this horrible thinking under control requires, I think, two things: good music to distract me (turned up too, since my gym  plays it’s own music, and if I have my Ipod on too low, they both get jumbled together) and fighting hard with myself to let it go. The latter, an internal battle, can be really draining, but I think it’s energizing in the end, because I will have beaten the self-conscious demons. Oh, maybe having the TV on to distract me would be useful. We’ll see.

Hopefully, honing in on my major energy drains will help me to redirect some of that energy to more positive outlets. That, indeed, would make me happy 🙂


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Clutter Tapping into my energy

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