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As I mentioned yesterday, clutter is an area that I plan to work on in order to increase my energy. Having stuff just lying around, clogging up my space is very stressful, and I am already aware that it really bothers me. Considering that we have a bigger house than we have people or stuff to fill, the tendency of clutter to still accumulate is kind of surprising. But alas, clutter accumulates everywhere I guess. The key is to have a place for things that aren’t actually clutter – like my purse and our keys – and then have a strategy for clearing away other items before they accumulate – like mail and the newspaper.

Ground zero for us is the dining room table. It is our catch all area for mail, newspaper, our work bags, keys, phones, etc. etc. etc. We don’t really have an entryway table or anything so I think that’s why the dining room table becomes our clutter hot spot. But, getting a table closer to the door wouldn’t solve the clutter problem – we would just end up with clutter on that table. What we need are solutions. I do a pretty good job of putting the newspaper in the recycling pile every night, so it doesn’t build up. But the mail. It seems to just lie there, wanting someone to hold it. I don’t even know what we get in the mail half the time – all our bills are e-bills. UGH I am annoyed just picturing the mail lie there. I need to be ruthless in my decisions to pitch junk mail in the recycling or to deal with it right away. Usually “dealing with it” means filing it, so it’s really not a big deal. Just deal with it.

The other problem is that we have nowhere to store our keys or bags. I need to come up with a solution for this asap. With a caveat, however: we know we want a key ring, but we also want one with some character, maybe from a trip we take or something else. So we may put that one on hold until we figure that out. But a solution for our bags is a necessity. I tried storing my purses in my bedroom closet, but it became a pain to dig it out every weekend. And it still left our work bags lying around.

Another area of clutters is desks – both at home and at work. The one-minute rule will especially be useful here – just deal with anything right away that will only take one-minute. These are usually the easiest tasks to perform and the easiest ones to put off. No more of that! Like I am staring right now at one of the last paper versions of our gas bill, that I also got online and that I already paid. *** OK just put it away. Phew!

Finally, my closet. Sigh. I have more clothes than I need. There is no way getting around that. It’s time to clean it out.

I think I am surprised by how much clutter is a drain on my energy. But it really is a problem. Just having it around me stresses me out and distracts me. I don’t mean one or two pieces of mail, but allowing it to accumulate grows clutter into a bigger problem. I’ve got to deal with the small proto-clutter, if you will, before it grows into a huge annoyance.

All right, to recap:

  • Solution for bags and keys
  • Deal with the mail and newspapers and anything else right away, use one-minute rule
  • Deal with clutter build up on desks, use one-minute rule
  • Clean. Out. My. Closet.

I like that two of the four bullets involved the one-minute rule. Just saying.


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