Our trip to the West Side Market

January 29, 2012 at 5:43 pm Leave a comment

I wanted to take a break from blogging about my plan for monthly resolutions to write a different kind of post. Yesterday, M and I went to the West Side Market in Ohio City. One of the reasons we were excited to move where we did was because of the closer proximity to this market. And yet, almost three months into our life in our new home, new city, new side of Cleveland, we had yet to go.

On Friday, we were discussing our plan for the next day, and discovered that both of us had been thinking about fitting in a trip to the West Side Market – perfect! We decided to go early to beat the crowds. So on Saturday, we ventured out (into the surprising snowstorm!) to the market. A short 10 minute drive later, and we were, well, searching for parking. But once we found the lot, we were ready to go! There are two parts to this magnificent market – which is, by the way, celebrating it’s centennial this year: one section for fruits and veggies, and another section for meats and cheeses.

We started with the fruits and veggies section, and were amazed at all the stands with delicious and fresh looking options. Our strategy was to scope everything out before deciding which stand(s) we would purchase from. It was a little intense with the vendors saying hi to us all the way through the stalls, trying to get us to buy this fruit or that vegetable. We had a list of a few things we needed – potatoes, kale – and left it open for anything we saw that looked good. We walked away with potatoes, kale, kiwi, starfruit, peppers, a cucumber, grapes – and for not very much money either. I have to pause here to reflect on the gorgeous, super plump peppers we got. One green and one red. They are huge (well, technically were I guess since I’ve already used them in my salad for tomorrow’s lunch).

Anyway, then we went over to the other section, which was full of cases of any kind of meat and cheese imaginable. Oh and homemade breads and desserts. It was an awesome sight. We’re not regular meat eaters, and even when we do eat it, someone else has prepared it. But I would like to learn how to cook different types of meat, just so I know how to. And when I am ready to experiment, I would definitely get the meat from the market. We did, however, need some mozzarella cheese and we successfully found some – I believe it’s from the Amish.

I am so glad we finally made it to the West Side Market. It was a fun experience and we’ll definitely go back. The challenge, of course, is not buying everything you see or, especially in the case of bread, smell. Everything looked so delicious, and it was a much more pleasant shopping experience than the grocery store. What a gem we have on this side of town!


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