August Resolutions for Pursuing my Passions

January 27, 2012 at 11:58 am 1 comment

Ah Passions. The things we love to do. And we’re at our happiest when we allow ourselves to become fully immersed in our chosen activity. I am passionate about reading and politics. And I think I am passionate about writing, yet I have never given myself a real opportunity to pursue it. The thing about politics is that it’s part of my job, so I generally am pursing that in my everyday work. But I suppose I can figure out a way to center the passion in my everyday life.

I have also been assuming that I am supposed to know what my passions are. But, the truth is, I really don’t. That worried me until I read what Gretchen Rubin had to say about passions:

“Can I find overlooked passions that I can stoke? I’m trying to pay more attention. It can be surprisingly hard to identify your passion.”

I instantly felt much calmer about this month after reading that.  In addition to pursuing some of my known passions, I will spend part of this month leaving myself open to trying prospective passions out, as well as “paying  more attention” to opportunities to try something new.

Here then are my resolutions for pursuing my passions:

  • Write more – Although I have been writing more over the past week because of this blog, I also want to start playing with creative writing a little more. I don’t have any experience with this, but it is something I’ve always thought I might like to do. This is the month to try!
  • Make more time for reading – I do love to read, and I don’t discriminate between fiction and non-fiction. (Although science fiction is not for me.) I try to read when I have the chance, but I don’t actively make time for reading. I also tend to read in the living room while M is watching TV, which can be distracting. Instead, I will try to create a reading space – by the fireplace downstairs maybe!
  • Center my passion for politics – I definitely want to make sure that in the doldrums of everyday work, I can center my passion for the type of work we do, which, yes, is political. 
  • Try out new passions – As I said before, I don’t know fully what I am passionate about and I do want that to change. Because if there is something out there I am 100% passionate about, I want to be doing it! In addition to pursuing specific passions this month, I also resolve to try out new passions. 

I am relieved that I came up with this many resolutions. I was really scared about not having enough to be passionate about. At the same time, I know I haven’t let myself explore what I am really passionate about as opposed to just taking on what other people are passionate about. To boost my happiness though, this definitely has to change.


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