May Resolutions for my Career

January 24, 2012 at 12:37 pm 5 comments

For May, I want to shift the focus from my specific job to my broader career topics. Although I am happy where I am, I’ve learned from talking to professional women with many years of experience, that I should always be thinking about my career in big picture terms. This month I started participating in a mentoring circles program for women, which was a great experience. We have three more lunches – 1 in February and 2 in March – so by May, the program will be long over. I need to think strategically and creatively, without trying to hard or spending all my energy on this. So I think three resolutions will suffice:

  • Network –  This is the biggie, of course. One of my challenges is my hours – I work until 7 or 8 during the week, and most networking events or happy hours take place earlier. But I think I can prioritize attending two a month and fitting it into my work schedule. I do have flexibility, so I think it’s fair that I attempt this. The other challenge is mental – I get so nervous talking to new people – but the only way to get past that is to actually talk to new people, so there ya go. 
  • Find a mentor –  I want to find a big-time mentor. So this will involve research into organizations I am interested in, and positions in that organization I can see myself doing. Then it’s the outreach part. I don’t expect the first person I email to be on board with mentoring me, so I will have to have a variety of choices. 
  • Volunteer – This may seem strange under career, but I think it will broaden my experience, and maybe give me a chance to learn a new skill. I think it will also expose me to more people and different organizations. In addition, I want to eventually be on an organization’s board, and a great way to move towards that goal is to start volunteering with an organization. 
So that’s that.

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