February Resolutions for Sustainable Energy

January 21, 2012 at 4:39 pm 2 comments

Well, it’s time to start defining my resolutions for each month. The theme for February is sustainable energy, but I didn’t go the traditional diet/exercise/sleep route because, well, I already do those things pretty well actually.

So here are my resolutions for February:

Organize – specifically using The Happiness Project’s one-minute rule and by de-cluttering.

Stop comparing myself to other women at the gym – this exercise is counter-productive because while doing something energizing (exercising), why should I also be doing something draining (comparing myself to other women there)? So it’s time to stop! 

Reduce Facebook time – it’s not the least bit productive and just sucks up my energy. 

Strength training – OK so I am much more of a cardio person than a strength training person. And this needs to change.

No more lollygagging in the morning – it really just stresses me out and drains my energy. There is a time for daydreaming and it’s not while I am trying to get out the door and head to work. And do I really need to read the Style section of the paper? Answer: no, because it doesn’t interest me anyway. 

Act more energetic – I think this is one of the biggest takeaways from The Happiness Project book  and it’s outlined in this post.


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