Up in the Air.

June 11, 2011 at 10:02 pm Leave a comment

What is up in the air? Well, everything.

Having just gotten my MA Degree from The George Washington University, I find myself unemployed. It has been a month since I finished school and in a few days, it will be a month since the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony.

Honestly? I never imagined I would be unemployed this long. I thought I would be chugging along at a new, exciting job. Working long hours and working hard. Doing grunt work and exciting projects. Beginning my career.

But, alas, that is not the case. I am still in the job market. Sending out resumes and cover letters, and desperately combing job site after job site for new opportunities. On Wednesday, I even signed up to do some temporary work with a job placement firm. But even they don’t want me – as I have yet to be placed anywhere. Sigh.

The big bad world is staring me in the face. I have endless possibilities, and yet I cannot find one opportunity. I am ambitious, but not specific. Thus, the name of the blog: Undefined Ambition. It’s scary and sometimes exciting. But mostly I feel overwhelmed.I have always felt like I could do any job, pursue any career path. I didn’t necessarily have on dream job in mind. I had – and still have – 50,000. But that doesn’t help me now, as I am seeking an immediate opportunity, and I feel like I can’t hone in on my ideal career path before landing the elusive first job. Because I am desperate!

This blog will be a place to  chronicle my adventures while I job search, both the mundane and the more exciting. I will share frustrations, hopes, disappointments, and successes.

Full disclosure: I’ve tried – and failed – more than once to start blogging. So we’ll see. In this moment, right now, I feel compelled to write. That happens to me sometimes – a desire to write and write and write. Even if I don’t know what I want to say. And I usually feel better after I write. So hopefully, I will have a sustained desire to write, and will be able to channel that into this blog. Hey, there is hope. I just took a  break from typing to jot down some blog topics. So maybe I will see this through after all.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this video, Honest Grad School Ad, that succeeds at making my transition to the Real World funny. Enjoy!


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